Apollo caskets are made through a process called rotational molding.  
Initially hand-carved in clay, the product goes through a series of operational steps,
including handpainting gold details and  finishing with an artisan flaming each
casket to bring out the gold metals.
Regal Specifications and Features

  • Roomy casket in a standard size vault.  
  • Weighs approx. 220 pounds
  • Interior dimensions:  28” wide and 6’6” long
  • Exterior dimensions:  34” width, 32 3/8” height, 89 ¼” length
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Apollo Casket Team
Will this polyethylene vault stay down and not float up?

Apollo Casket Vaults are designed so that the interior of the double walled
construction is able to fill with water in a high water table situation – something  like
a submarine. For the Regal model, the area between the walls holds about 40 gallons  
of water, at 8.3 pounds per gallon.  This means that the total weight of the casket
vault is about 1000 pounds.  The casket vault displaces about 52 cubic feet  of water,
which results in an upward force of 3200 pounds.  The top of the casket vault is
approximately 20 square feet.  If the top of the vault is two feet underground, this
would be a force of 40 cubic feet.  The standard weight of a cubic foot of earth is  75
pounds, which would mean a force of 3000 pounds.  3000 plus 1000 weight of the
vault equals 4000 pounds, which should certainly counteract the upward force of
3200 pounds.

Of course, as we all know, there are many variabilities such as the composition  of the
soil and the actual water content and even the temperature of the soil.  And there are
situations where even concrete vaults do not stay down.  We feel confident that if th e
top of the vault is at least two feet under the ground surface, the vault will stay

And again, the vault has surpassed load bearing requirements.  Please see the testing
section for those test results.
There are two models: Classic and Regal.
Both are roomy, with the Classic smaller in size.  
Classic Specifications and Features

  • Roomy casket in a standard size vault.  
  • Weighs approx. 150 pounds
  • Interior dimensions:  26 1/2” wide and 75 1/2” long
  • Exterior dimensions:  33 1/4” width, 22 1/2” height, 82 3/4” length
Specifications and Features for Both Models

  • Exceeds the National Concrete Burial Vault Association standard of 5000 pounds
    load bearing.  Tested by the same lab that set those standards.   
  • Fits a standard coach
  • Fits a standard casket lowering device and church truck
  • Gasketed and locks
  • Adjustable bed and foot panel
  • Made from PolyStone, a custom polymer similar to polyethylene
  • Double-walled construction makes it lightweight and strong
  • Save not only the cost of a vault, but also set fees
  • Hand-carved, cast, and hand finished
  • Made in the USA